Anti Graffit Image

Anti Graffiti films have been developed to protect a wide range of surfaces from damage that would otherwise be caused by graffiti.

Depending on the film you choose, you will also achieve protection against surface scratching and gouging as well as from chemical glass etching solutions.

Windows are a very common surface to which anti graffiti films are applied. However, just about any non-porous flat surface eg building facades, escalator panels, lift doors, bus and train panels, stairwells and counter tops can be protected with these versatile films.

Anti graffiti films act as a sacrificial sheet applied on top of the surface to be protected. If damage occurs, the film can quickly removed and replaced without the cost and delay associated with replacing the glass or other panels.

As a bonus, anti graffiti films will also typically reject 99% of ultraviolet radiation falling on a surface. In particular, this is extremely useful in a situation where clothing or furnishings are on display behind a window that might also be subject to graffiti damage.

Good quality anti graffiti films are optically clear. They can also provide basic shatter resistance – however other more specialised films are available that provide greater blast and theft protection.

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