Carpet Mill Banner

Billboards are in the process of being disrupted by the advent of digital screens – we have even put two shiny new digital screens out the front of our own building on Moorhouse Avenue. However, don’t write off the traditional pvc banner just yet.

We just completed this billboard for Carpet Mill. The billboard is over 7m wide and looks great – it looks East down Blenheim Road and faces an endless stream of traffic and eyeballs, every single day. This billboard is on Carpet Mill’s own building so they have done well to take advantage of this prime real estate. Aside from the one-off cost of installing a simple timber frame for the billboard to be applied to, the actual cost of printing and installing this banner is very reasonable in comparison to renting 8 second bursts on a digital screen.

So if you happen to have a building that faces traffic, check your zoning – you might be missing out on a big advertising opportunity.

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