Painted Container

Saw this very artistic painted container in Riccarton recently – looks great, a nice solution for a pretty common project we get asked about – how do I get some advertising on our shipping container.

A key question is whether or not we can put holes in the container. We like to glue and rivet aluminium composite panels to the container if drilling holes is an option. This gives an excellent smooth surface to which we can apply graphics. It also means the container can be safely moved by truck

If drilling holes is not an option then a flexible pvc banner is a good alternative that can still usually be fixed securely to the container. We can also apply vinyl directly to the container however in that case we need to take care to ensure the message is not lost in the varying heights of the container surface – a well thought out design can make a big difference.

….and if you would like a hand painted container like the one in Riccarton, please give us a call – our signwriters would love an opportunity to dust off the brushes.

Painted Container

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