Dichroic Films

Dichroic films are amazing. The apparent colour of the surface the film is applied to changes dramatically as the angle between the viewer and the surface changes.

Most dichroic films offer a specific range of transmitted and reflected colours. This means the shimmering effect can be tailored to specific requirements. Also, multiple different colour changes can be blended into a single installation to produce a dynamic, exciting visual result.

Dichroic films are ideally installed on interior glass surfaces in order to achieve maximum longevity (yes they are relatively expensive). The films are somewhat transparent, meaning they will allow light to travel through the film (thereby creating a coloured effect on both sides of the glass surface) with some loss of visibility of objects behind the film. This means they can also provide a partial privacy effect.

The look of the film is extremely glossy or metallic in nature giving a result that is totally unique. The light transmitted through the film can also take on a rainbow of coloured effects depending on viewing angle, light source and the specific film used. The film can also be computer cut to add additional complexity and individuality to the final effect.

Available from reputable suppliers like 3M and Hexis, dichroic films are top quality, long lasting films. They are also pvc free. The best way to appreciate these films is to see them in action – we have samples in our showroom if you would like to take a look.

INTO SIGHT – London Design Festival

As a little follow up to the above article, dichroic films received a massive workout as part of a recent exhibition at the London Design Festival 2022.

Dichroic Films London Design Festival Ed Reeve

Click this link to the festival website to see more of the amazing effects created with these films.

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