Parking Sign

OK so maybe parking signs aren’t a massive part of your workplace identity – but it also looks pretty average when you turn up to someone’s office and the parking signs are all leaning at different angles and/or lying on the ground.

It is true there is a balance to be struck around whether the inevitable coming together of car and sign damages the car or the sign – but you would be amazed how reluctant people are to drive into a solid sign and how oblivious they are to a sign on a stick.

For very short term signs, fine, a corflute sign on a timber stake is ok – but if you are putting in permanent directional signage I think you will save yourself money in the long run if you go for a better quality solution.

There are lots of different specifications available – we have recently been using a simple roading based system which is tidy and robust. It is more expensive – each sign, including installation might be in the ballpark of $300 + gst but you get a sign that will last for years and can also be updated easily if required.

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