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Quick Wins

Promotional window graphics are a quick, cost effective way to send a message to passing roadway and footpath traffic.

They don’t have to be complicated – there is nothing fancy about an enormous “SALE NOW ON” message on your shopfront glass but it can make a big difference. Depending on your business just a few extra patrons each day can add up to a lot of dollars.

Shopfront Window Graphics Christchurch

Yes we can come up with branding based, permanent messaging for your windows – on which any amount of money can be (rightly) spent – but what I am talking about are graphics that tell people what is happening in store right now – events, new products, key dates – adding a message so customers have a reason to walk into your store today.

With a very small amount of training from us (or a random browse of youtube) you will be able to remove your existing graphics and replace them with an updated set of shopfront window graphics with a minimum of fuss. White cut vinyl in an easy to read font is highly visible – and cheap!

Don’t be tempted to select black or dark colours for your graphics – this is not a time to be subtle – dark graphics will appear almost invisible once applied to glass.

Have a think about whether you want your graphics to go on the inside of your glass or the outside. Having them on the inside keeps them away from little passing fingers but if you have a lot of tint in your glass it may reduce visibility. There may also be specific access issues that will have an impact. Obviously we will need to mirror cut your graphics if you want to install them to the inside face of a window to be viewed from the outside.


To find out more, please just send us a photo of your glass and a measurement. We can produce window graphics for you to apply from $50 – and we are happy to install for you if required. Installation costs around $85 + gst per hour.

We are based in Christchurch but we can ship shopfront window graphics nationwide.

Quick and Easy Solutions

To get you started quickly, you might also like to check out the off the shelf window signage solutions available at our online store. We offer a growing selection of shopfront window graphics that you can easily install yourself for a quick boost to the street appeal of your business.

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