The Sun

There are many exciting products available in the sun control film market.

Highly tailored outcomes can be achieved through the expert selection and installation of the right film.

Tint Films

3M Prestige

  • top of the line
  • superior clarity
  • 15 year warranty
  • pricing starts at $130/m2 plus installation

3M Neutral

  • cheaper alternative
  • not as effective as 3M Prestige
  • pricing starts at $105/m2 plus installation

3M Night Vision

  • ideal when daytime privacy is required with no mirror effect
  • pricing starts at $65/m2 plus installation

3M Affinity

  • silver mirrored film
  • high heat and glare reduction
  • starts at $55/m2 plus installation

3M P18

  • great for heat reduction
  • silver mirrored inside and out
  • starts at $40/m2 plus installation

Other Specialty Sun Control Films

3M Daylight Redirecting Film

  • Redirects natural light to the interior of the building and reduces glare around windows
  • Helps improve natural light coverage and reduces artifical light requirements
  • Prices start at $295/m2 plus installation

3M Silver 15 Exterior

  • Applied to the outside of glass when access to the interior is not feasible
  • Prices start at $120/m2 plus installation

Tips and Traps

  • 3M Prestige film is non metallised so ideal for humid situations. Other films can rust
  • More expensive films typically introduce less colourisation to the natural light
  • Even the less expensive end of the 3M window film range include a 12 year warranty
  • Tint films absorb heat so can get hot – nonetheless, overall they will reduce the amount of heat travelling further into the room

Installation Costs

The indicative costs set out earlier in this document exclude installation – but these films should not be installed by anyone other than trained installers. So how much does installation cost?

Installation cost is impacted by factors such as:

  • travel time
  • glass/frame complexity
  • overall size of job
  • ease of access to windows (eg height, obstacles, access equipment)

As a guide, you could work on installation costing around $85/m2

All pricing indications above exclude gst.

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