Signwise Group - manufacture of a sign for McDonalds in our Christchurch workshop.

Signwise Christchurch

Signwise Christchurch is part of the national Signwise Group of signmakers. We are locally owned and operated here in Christchurch, but we partner with the other Signwise Group offices in Auckland and Wellington to provide seamless signage services across New Zealand.

Signwise Group - Stainless Steel Letters for Christchurch Art Gallery

National Signage In Practice

A typical scenario would be that we complete a signage project for a company based in Christchurch. All goes well (of course) and in time our customer decides to open an office in Auckland. In that case, we would arrange with Signwise Auckland to carry out a survey of the new site and send us photos, measurements and site assessments.

In Christchurch, we have access to all the clients brand materials and related specifications,as well as the experience of working with key client stakeholders. We also offer a single point of contact for the client across all national projects.

We would firstly develop the necessary signage layouts for approval as usual. The key next step is around manufacturing the signage. The aim is to ensure that all the client’s signage looks consistent across the country. Sometimes this is best acheived by us producing the signage in Christchurch and freighting it to Auckland. Sometimes we wil produce the signage in Auckland – we offer options to achieve the best outcome. Signwise Auckland will then install the signage, with assistance from Signwise Christchurch staff if required on larger projects.

The aim is to provide strong, consistent branding and signage across the country in an efficient manner and with strong project management in place. A similar approach is employed for Wellington and Auckland customers so that all Signwise Group customers across the country can receive similar high levels of signage consistency and value.

Signwise Group Website

For more information about the Signwise Group, including contact details for the Signwise Auckland and Signwise Wellington offices, please check out the Signwise Group website.

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