Before and after shot of window tint applied at our Christchurch workshop

It really does make a massive difference!

After procrastinating for years about our own Signwise workshop windows (we face North, overlooking Hagley Park in Christchurch), we have finally tinted our office windows. (Plumbers with squeaky taps etc).

Initial Thoughts

I am writing this in November so summer is not yet upon us but already the impact on the level of comfort in the office has been remarkable. The mirror tint we have used has already generated several benefits:

  • Glare reduction – there is a lot less glare in the office which is great for people using screens, plus it just reduces the overall feeling of light blasting into our workspace
  • Heat reduction – we are running the heatpumps less. This produces an instant economic and environmental benefit. It also means staff aren’t moving from an artifically cooled office space to a naturally ventilated workshop and being exposed to unhealthy temperature shocks.
  • UV reduction – our new tint film also reduces the amount of ultraviolet radiation impacting on our staff and furnishings – hopefully increasing the lifespan of both!
  • Privacy – we are not too bothered about people looking in our windows, but the subtle mirror effect of our film serves to even out the overall look of our building when viewed from outside and also helps camouflage some of the untidiness within!

Admittedly, applying window tint is not an inexpensive option and in simple economic terms will take some years to pay for itself. However, if you factor in the more complicated benefits around staff welfare and comfort (and the reduction in complaints I receive) it is actually a bit of a no-brainer and something we should have done years ago.

window tint application at our Christchurch workshop

You can tackle the application process yourself – obviously we would prefer to do it for you but it can be done, particularly if your individual panes of glass are not enormous. The windows have to be spotlessly clean before you start and you need to apply a lot of pressure to get the application water out from behind the tint once it has been successfully set in place.

Window Tint Film Choices

In terms of tint film options, there are lots of options. Generally you get what you pay for – the most important thing is to get some advice on the specific performance characteristics of each film. Considerations include:

  • quoted heat and uv reduction parameters of the film
  • impact on privacy, both during the day and at night
  • internal or external application (and related access requirements)
  • available film widths relative to panel size

Find Out More

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