Mirrored Tint


Mirrored (otherwise know as reflective) window films can act as a great solution for situations where interior spaces are being impacted by solar glare, heat and fade. In addition, in some circumstances, mirrored films will also provide an excellent privacy solution.

Heat Reduction

A traditional dark tint film will reduce heat transmission to the interior of a building using a combination of reflection and absorption. These films reflect only a relatively small amount of the radiation impacting on the glass. Their main effectiveness comes from absorbing a relatively large amount (the amount depends on the specific film being used) of radiation into the film. This stops heat and glare being transmitted further into the building – but the window itself will get hot.

Mirrored films take a different approach and work by reflecting a large amount of radiation and absorbing only a relatively small amount. This reflection of course is what creates the mirrored effect. Not everyone wants to turn their building into a giant mirror. It can be a question of aesthetics. In addition all that reflected light needs to go somewhere and care needs to be taken that it does not create an annoyance or safety hazard.

Window Film Privacy

Whichever side of the mirrored film has the most light fall on it, will act as a mirror. In daylight hours this normally means that passers-by will not be able to see through the film and will largely just see themselves. The occupants of the building will get a largely unimpacted view straight out through the glass.

As dusk approaches this effect will start to change and firstly the strength of the mirror effect will reduce and then gradually, reverse. At night time, with lights on inside the building, the mirror effect will start to become visible to the occupants. This is typically not a major concerns as curtains or blinds are normally in effect to provide the required privacy.

Installation of Window Tint

Window tint films are quite expensive – so destructive learning on the job can also be expensive! There are plenty of videos on Youtube that provide great advice on how to install these films. A very light soapy water mix allows the film to be eased in to position but there are always gotchas around cleaning and trimming to catch out the beginner.

By all means give it a go but in that case you might need to purchase a little extra film. Alternatively, you can hire us to do it and save yourself the headaches! We also have access to a wide range of films and the experience to choose the one that suits your situation best.

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