Mirrored Windows

If you mean “will mirrored window tint give me privacy at night” the answer is “probably no”!

The primary aim of mirrored window films is not to give privacy – it is to reject high levels of infrared and ultraviolet radiation. As a by-product, (which some clients do not want and choose a different product accordingly), during the day passers-by will normally not be able to see in (instead they will see themselves reflected in the glass) and the occupants will be able to see out.

At night, the film’s performance will largely reverse – whichever side of the glass has the most light falling on it will also get the majority of the mirror effect. In a typical situation where the interior lights are on and it is dark outside, passers-by will be able to see into the building.

To achieve a true privacy effect at all times of the day, an opaque film is the safest recommendation. Some semi-opaque films will still let varying degrees of light pass through them in order to avoid a shadowing effect. A common example is window frosting which is specifically designed to give privacy but also maintain some light transmission under a full range of lighting scenarios. No tint film will achieve the same result.

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