Wallpaper Squiggles

This is a slightly paraphrased enquiry we just received via our online chat:

We are opening a shop in Auckland. We just need to cover a strip of the wall at the top with the green of our logo. There is currently pink paint that we want to cover up, only at the top of the wall”. 

Short answer – no problem, we can print and courier a custom wallpaper strip to suit.

The issue you need to consider is the quality of the existing painted surface. If the paint is flaky then the wallpaper won’t stick in those areas – or more correctly it will stick to the flaky paint but the paint won’t stick to the wall. This can be addressed by sanding back any loose paint and potentially applying a new undercoat if the paint no longer has a consistent surface (if you apply new paint, make sure you wait at least 7 days and preferably 14 for it to out-gas – otherwise you will end up with bubbles in the wallpaper). Also, wallpaper won’t hide imperfections in the wall surface – bumps and dimples will show through the wallpaper and impact on the finished result – depending on the circumstances you might be ok with this, but it is important you are aware.

Also, don’t forget that not all wallpapers include a blockout layer – so if you are trying to cover a bright existing wall colour with a subtle wallpaper colour, the underlying colour may still show through.

Finally, in terms of cost, as a ballpark you can work on $75 + gst per square metre of wallpaper required – plus any artwork/stock photography you might require.

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